Monday, August 16, 2010

Cabinets, cakes, grandkids and vegetables

fresh tomatoes bought in Ky.

We had such a great time yesterday. Lloyd and I drove up to Ky. to pick up a blue cabinet and a peg rack. Not picture yet. I have not decorated it as I like yet but you know I will!! We enjoyed riding thru the country and it was a beautful day. We decided to stop and eat lunch at Cheddars in Bowling Green. It was delicious as usual. Lloyd had the baby back ribs and I had catfish. We decided to forgo desert as I was planning to bake a cake. So we headed back home and spotted a road side stand. We had stopped there every fall and buy my pumpkins.The really great part is the old farmer has a prim table set up with fresh vegetables and you put your money in the little can he has. So unusual for this day and time. We bought our tomatoes and headed home. Almost. Made a stop in Hendersonville and picked Nick up. We came home and he was such a big little helper. He shucked corn, dried dishes and watered flowers. Also helped Nana put clothes in the dryer and fold. He was the biggest helper baking our chocolate cake!!Licking the large wooden spoon and bowl!!It was a fun day and weekend.

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  1. I love days like that Candi ~ good food, good country scenery, and spending time with the ones you love !! What a perfect day : )
    luv ~ Benita