Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dark and stormy day!!

It is a dark and stormy day. This puts me in a mood to decorate. I love just ripping everything apart and starting fresh. It's fun for me.I change cabinets, dough bowls, buckets, everything.First before anything I light my candles. My fave is the black crow candles!!!they smell so delightfully prim!Especially nice is the Keeping Room. Also Early Spice cake. and I recently ordered some and hope they come today. Well. laundry is calling.
Have a perfect prim day!! I know I will!!!


  1. I have never heard of the Black Crow candles.. where do you find them? They sound yummy!

  2. I will see if I can send you a link Andy!They are wonderful!!!And I like the looks of them too!!