Thursday, July 15, 2010

God bless The Animals!!

I wanted to dedicate my blog today to all you animal lovers out there.Including myself. I am saddened today over a kitten who had no name. A kitten who knew love only through the gentleness of my friend Jenny that helped him in his final hours.God bless you Jenny and Rebecca Helwig a good friend of mine that is a rescuer. You see, these babies have no voice. They can not speak and tell us what is wrong. It saddens me and sickens me that human life could be so cruel and I will never ever understand this.These are my babies featured here. Abby is the black/white old cat and she has passed on but lives in my heart forever until I see her again. Oscar is the beautiful maine coon looking cat. Gus is the old man grey and white and baby Henry is our newest addition. I will not put the little angels face on here but it is on my wall and Jenny Carter's wall. If you have an animal love them. It will be the BEST friend you ever had. This kitty touched my heart and many others so it's little life was not in vain. I changed mind. I put the little baby's picture on the top. He deserved a lovely life like my cats. I am very sad today about this.
Prim Blessings,


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  1. Yes, it is a sad picture. It still breaks my heart. Kittens are so precious, it is frightening to think how many more get a short life like this one. To know only struggle is just terrible. Thanks for the post and the prayers. I forgot to mention that in the middle of the night i dreamed that my husbands dog that passed away went into the garage and sat right next to the kennel where the kitty was. In my dream I had thought he might be there to help him find his way to heaven...even in my dream I knew he was gone. I did not think about this dream till later yesterday and when I remembered I was in awe.