Monday, July 19, 2010

Today is Monday and I am trying to decide my day's activities. I need to make a Walmart stop and get some Activia yogurt drink as that is the only place I can find it.I also have yard work and housework. I reflect on my days at the Hospital when I got up and dressed for work and headed out the door to fight the traffic downtown at 7:00a.m. Then I parked in the garage across the street and hit the floor running. I loved loved loved my job. I loved the Dr. I worked for. The people and other Dr.'s in the office and the patients I grew attched to. I usually didn't see the pt's as they went to the clinic across the street and I worked in the executive offices. I felt important. I felt like I accomplished something with my life. Then one Friday afternoon I was called in by a HR exec and I knew the minute I walked in that was it. I was cut!!! The hospital laid off hundreds and I was in that cut. My life that I loved was over. That was it. I held up until walked out the door and I couldn't breathe. I literally was sick at my stomach. What was I to do? Who was going to take care of Dr. Carr? Who was going to calme the patients that were scared? God, please don't let this be happening!!!!!Please!!Along with that I lost my insurance. My HEALTH ins. I have Lupus. I have no ins!!!!That same time I lost a lot . It was a hard time and we were moving to an apt that had a pool and was beautiful and I could be enjoying swimming and shopping.But it wasn't like that. Do these companies not realize how this screws our lives up? I quit going to church at this same time due to inside things I didn't care for.It was a HARD time in my life and still to this very day I am not completely over it. Saying all this, my saving grace was my love for primitives. It gave me something to look forward to. Something to enjoy and delve into. It has helped tremendously I will have to say, but now instead of fighting traffic in downtown Nashville I am changing prims, scouring yard sales and antique stores. I know you probably think it's nuts. I would go back to that hospital in a new york minute. But, I am headed to Walmart instead and I think I may change my dining room around. Who knows???
prim blessings,
Candi lou

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