Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun Prim Days

Man, yesterday was fun times! As you know I had been feeling bad so I went to the Dr. and he gave me a medrol dose pak and a z pak and boy have I felt good. So, yesterday I decided to hit the road. I went to Ky. to some of my fave Prim shops. Went to McClard's and picked up my church pew I had on layaway.I bought a prim doll and a few other little goodies and heade to Bowling Green. Stopped at my fave junque store and found some wonderful old books. Beautiful colors. That's what caught my eye.LOL!!From there rock Garden and found some great stuff in there. A lighted candle, a hazelnut candle, the new Mercantile Gathering and several other great things.The best I guess was saved for last. The bucket you see on my church pew was a find of a lifetime. At least in my book. I spotted it as I was wandering around the antique store. It was hot as blue blazes so I hurridly rushed through.To what to my wandering eyes should I see but an OLD prim bucket stuffed full of old comics. I thought, well this will cost a fortune. I peeked inside to see a $12 price tag on it. I began to take those comic books out in a hurry and I snatched that right up!!!LOL! I looked at it 5 times to make sure it didn't say $120. When I checked out the cashier said WHAT??? This is an early 1800's amish PICKLE bucket in PERFECT shape and from Pennsylvania. I nearly fainted!!Man. I could not wait to get home and DECORATE!!!!So here's a few pics of the finished products.
May your day be filled with many BLESSINGS!!!!

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