Monday, July 12, 2010

LIfe and the things it is made of!!

I am really enjoying my grandchildren and teaching them new things.This past weekend is Nick's nana/boppa day. Joseph is still a little young to be away from Mommy so for now it is Nick on Saturday nights. We were having a wonderful Southern dinner and so I was teaching Nick to schuck and cook corn.It thrills him to help his nana cook. We are making memories. Boppa made the fried green tomatoes and OKRY is what my Grandmother used to say.Listed below is the recipe. Enjoy!!!
fried corn/ the southern way!!!
10-12 ears of corn cleaned and cut
2 tabsp. of butter/ melted in pan( I use an old cast iron skillet) works best
melt butter/ add corn
add about 2 cups water and boil
after it starts to boil add 2 rounded tbsp. flour
stir until thickened.
reduce to simmer/ about 30 mins
salt and peper to taste
Prim Blessings,

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  1. I will have to try your corn recipe ~ it looks yummy and FRIED GREEN TOMATOES are my FAVORITE ♥
    It's good that you get to spend a lot of time with Nick, they just grow up toooo fast !!