Monday, July 26, 2010

Silly girl Prim Girl

Being a prim gal certainly is fun but there is a lot of hard work involved as well. With all the dusting and rearranging there is never a dull moment. My dear friend Martha,said to me that she didn't understand about the changing around and buying and selling. She is a french country gal with a beautiful home and everything is always in it's place. Me(PRIM LOVER) may change furniture daily!! It's a Prim thing!! Do I hear an AMEN Prim sisters!!!LOL!Here is a Prime example. I will show you several different ways I have changed my mantle. Of course it does not look like any of these now!!I am obsessed with changing my mantle and tables!!!Oh well. This is the fun part though. Light a nice scented candle. I prefer Black Crow Candles, and my Starbux iced coffee and I am all set to get my prim on!!!Now, I can decorate!!!Like a teacher without her books, or a sailor without his sail. a prim gal must decorate or all else will fail!!!LOL!! Just being silly. After being so sick yesterday I am ready to decorate.



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  1. Amen sista !!!! Light them candles, get something good to drink & start movin things around !! My favorite thing to do ♥