Thursday, June 17, 2010


Even if I manage to buy just a few new things it is hard to figure out where to put them and I end up tearing my whole house apart! Do you do that? I can never just place them somewhere, because it never works out that way!I enjoy it so much though. So here's the pics I promised of the few things I picked up.Here's the pewter pieces I found. Love Pewter!I particularly like this sampler and the lamps.It is a lot of fun decoarting with prims. I am so thankful for the ability to enjoy these things. Thank you Lord!!

Have a Blessed and Prim Happy rest of your day!!!

Love, Candilou


  1. love it all. I love to decorate with prims, especially handmades.

  2. This looks great Candy! I love and want your bird house! I love the layered look you have there all in red! Your pewter is very nice! Looks great with your sampler!

  3. Thanks girls I appreciate you saying such nice things! Prim Decorating is my passion!!