Thursday, June 24, 2010


I had to write my post this morning. I was thinking if we all looked at the world through an animals eyes, what would you see???They see things differently than humans. Of course they have feelings. We should respect them as part of nature. It would be a sad world without animals. No birds chirping, no dogs walking, cats playing. I have a family of racoons that think they live here.The Mother Whitey, is what I call her as her mask s white had babies. She has brought them here and showed them where the food is kept for them. I have a HUGE pan of Sunflowers for them.I feel honored that she trust me enough to bring her babies here. So with this being said respect the wildlife and enjoy their beauty. When you are at a stoplight look at the birds flying around. Listen to them sing their beautiful songs. It would be a sad world without our Critters, At least for this Prim Gal it would be. Have a Blessed day!

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