Sunday, June 6, 2010


I can safely say that today I just feel so tired and exhausted! This comes from the fact I have Lupus and do not rest as I should. Plus the stress of my brother, Ricky being sick and in the hospital!This is a picture of Ricky and kim his wife. He has been sick for a while now suffering a stroke several yrs ago. He is only 53. The one saving grace is that he is a Christian and that makes me feel better but I worry about my little brother. So today I spent time at the Hospital visiting with my Ricky! I love my brothers more than life itself! We share a bond that only we could. So today, if you have a sibling be sure and give them a call, hug their neck and tell them you love them. Have a beautiful blessed evening!


  1. Candi, I am praying daily for Ricky. I too have siblings that I love very much. So I understand that bond. I will ask all my prayer partners to join in praying for Ricky! God bless you...and your family!

  2. God bless you sweetie and I appreciate all prayers! Thank you so much!!!