Friday, June 25, 2010

Wonderfully Primitive Day!!!

Today was Primfabulous! I went to breakfast first and then to an estate sale where I found an old prim basket and some old spoons. Also an old broom and a wreath. then I headed to the country to Cross Plains. It is a darling tiny little town nestled in the hills between Nashville and Franklin Ky. When I pulled into the town there were vendors on every block. The smell of hamburgers grilling and fresh flowers were wonderful!I found a great parking spot and started my journey. Before I got 1 /2 block I knew I was in trouble. Betty from The Old Pin cushion and her daughter Bridgette from Bridgett's Threads were set up!! Spent most of my money there. I was thrilled w/ the samplers that I got that Bridgette made.I found so many wonderful prims today and I am excited to start decorating!!Going to light my candles for anbience and get started.Maybe that will be tomorrow's post.

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  1. Candi,
    Looks like a great day, we just don't have places like this., love your samplers. Have fun decorating.~~