Thursday, September 2, 2010


Firkins at McClards

This is one scray scarecrow!!!LOL

Some finds for me!!

mammy's sausage!! I say it looks like a big turd!!!LOL

my new crocks!

Vicki's box collection!

You wish to be a little girl again and have a tea party!

Vicki's table and dough bowls!!

Well today was my Kentucky day. Started out by stopping for a bisuit and coffee at Hardees and then I hit the dusty trail! Stopped to see my good friend and BFF Vicki Davis. She has a ton of incredible collectables and I could spend hrs there just browsing!!LOL After leaving there I headed to a junk store and found some crocks for myself. AND a few other goodies! Went by my other BFF's place at McClards and had some chocolate Paula Deen cake with Gayle!!YUMMY!Bought my goods and had a great time there. Then I headed to Scottsville at Joyces and bought 2 crocks and a muffin tin full of candles. I was getting a little hungry and needed a caffeine fix so I spotted a McDonalds and slipped in there for a cheesburger and diet coke!!After that it was around 3:00 so I decided against going to Pelleys Farm and head the hour and half back to Nashville.It was a relaxing fun filled day!!

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  1. Oh MY GOODNESS!!...I need to make a trip home and skip on up to Kentucky to find me some crocks!!!...looks like they have an endless supply of them!!...I'm so envious!!!Glad you had a great day!!!!~~hugs,Jen