Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Is it Monday or Tuesday?

Holidays can be great but also overwhelming and a little crazy!!LLoyd and I had our grandson Nick for 2 nights. He went with us to Kentucky to McClards Prim Show.And then Sunday went to my sister in laws for a swimming party/cookout and met up with our daughter and little baby grandson Joseph!!It was a lot of fun except the snake getting in the pool. YIKES!!Being that they live on a farm, guess he wanted to cool off!!LOLAnyway, as I see it summer is over and hopefully the hot weather.I am so ready for fall. I feel a little under the weather today and have taken the day slow but I did manage to rearrange the kitchen and will post those pics later. All day I have thought it was Monday. That is my day to reorganize!!LOL Better get with it!!PRIM GIRL TO WORK>LOL

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