Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I believe that every single day is a GIFT from God. I also believe in treating yourself every day because God created us individually and we are all unique. I also believe life is very short so eat more ice cream!!!LOL.I hear people complain because they are getting old or are sick and don't look like they used to. We are not meant to. Life is funny like that.I am 55 and I feel like I am 15 sometimes until I look in the mirror!!HA. I drive fast and blast my radio. Who cares???I laugh every day and eat ice cream if I want it. I don't deprive myself and I drink a Starbucks iced coffee every day! If I feel depressed which is rare I go and buy myself some new flowers. I get in the grass and play with my grandsons. I swing as high as I can(IN a swing)LOL and I watch cartoons with the boys. Sometimes I watch when they're not here.Instead of complaing today about the pain in your leg or the weather THANK the ALMIGHTY GOD that you are alive and to help you with your pain or with the weather accept it and make the most of it. Life is short. Go out today and smile at someone. Pet an animal. Buy an ice cream cone and roll your windows down. Sing loud as you can. Thank God for today!!!Love and Blessings,


  1. I second that emotion ! You go girl ! We are never, ever too old to play, to "Rock out" ...Dance, sing, act a fool ! I embarrass my husband...ha ! but that's fun too ! It's a stress reliever. Have fun, enjoy life !

  2. I needed this post today to kick me in the butt!!
    I was in of those moods today. Whinning about this or the other.
    Thanks for reminding me to shut up and just go enjoy being alive!! :)


  3. what a sweet outlook! i love the 'Swing' notation..LOL made me laugh! I love my hula hoop!! Great exercise and makes me feel like a kid at the same time!

  4. I was going to mention that the log home above looks just like the one that my husband grew up in, in MO!! His momma cut a hole in the floor of the upper loft, just above the pot belly stove so that the heat would go up there. ;) baths were in a galvanized tub on the porch! and supper...anything she could shoot. he has great memories!!

  5. You are all so kind!This is one of my favorite songs.I love life and the things it is made of!! You girls included!!!