Thursday, September 9, 2010


This week flew by and I feel as though I have accomplished nothing at all!I have fallen behind and have to get caught up.Soon!!I have too many irons in the fire I think.LOL! Today I had an appt at the dental clinic. It is actually a school of dentistry and the ones that work on you are dental students. I was petrified to be there to be honest but once there (I had been once before) I felt so calm. Harvey is my student and he looks exactly like Malcom Jamal Warner from the Cosby Show!!LOL Such a sweet guy and I instantly felt better.He did aFMX and ALL digital. Very Cool. Now, that I have my treatment plan I can move forward. So next week I have a perio cleaning, lunch with friends from Baptist Hospital where I used to work and a stress test on my heart. I am telling you, getting old consist of tons of Dr's visits., dental and tests. WHEW!!!What a crazy few months.I am ready for something fun. This weekend is Cabin Creek Farm's sale.We are hoping to go!! Dru is such a sweetheart and I am getting to know her thru facebook. Next week is Arnetts sale in Illinois and I really want to go to that. We have always went To Arnetts sales for the past 15 yrs maybe longer!!So, I have those to look forward to!!I am going to do a little prim changing tonite.Have a Blessed evening!


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