Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is it summer already?

It has been crazy here in Tennessee!!Weather wise that is!!One day rainy and hot/next day cooler but pollen is out of control!!Causing my allergies to go haywire! I am proud with my progress of decluttering as it is really coming along~ With the crazy weather I have been staying in a lot ,allowing time for this! Even thinning out my primitives!!I am liking it so much better~My pewter collection needed thinning and I sold some of it!!Bought a new coverlet for my bed and can not wait to get it!! I have been working in my bedroom all day and had to run out to Publix and of course Starbucks~ Brought dinner home from my fave Demo's tonight. Lloyd has to work so I am going to relax and look through some of my favorite Jill Peterson books!!Have a wonderful evening everyone!!
Prim hugs,

My new doll~~


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