Saturday, November 26, 2011

Busy days

I am a crazy person!!LOL/ Prim decorating certifiably makes you crazy!!At least it does me.Always changing and moving things around/This is why I don't rest like I should!But I LOVE it sooo!!haha/My favorite collections are dough bowls/ Bridgette and Betty's samplers/coverlets and Aleica's dolls!! I have lots of others I love but these are my fave!!I love pewter also but have no room for much more/Just wanted to add some new photo's and say happy weekend!!God bless. Candilou

dough bowls/small sampling of my collection/


  1. Hello there...I love the wood bowls in your dough box! I enjoyed all your pictures. I just found your blog and joined. I am sorry you lost your home but where there is a will theres a way...right... and you have your husband.
    Enjoy your Sunday

  2. Thanks for sharing with us! I love the bears! So cute! Yes, it can drive a person crazy, at least you can make decisions readily, I cannot seem to do this like I used to. Don't know what changed for me, but it's not easy.
    I like your dough bowls, I have a few, mine are repros, but I am running out of wall space, and not sure where to put them.
    Have a great Sunday!