Friday, November 25, 2011


got 5 newbooks at Rock Garden

We gather together to ask the Lord's blessings!!I hope your holiday was blessed/We had a nice Thanksgiving other than the fact LLoyd had to work!Tasha, Jen, my sister and daughter, and I did black friday last night. WOW!!What huge crowds!We went to our apartment and took a nap and they lit out at 2:30 AM/meI slept till 7:30 then took them to breakfast at Waffle House! Tasha and I did some retail shopping then I hit the road to Rock Garden Farm in Ky. they had their open house/ I got 5 newprim books and a prim candle wreath/ Then went to Strictly Country prim shop and got a small feather tree and this fab candle.Smells soooo good/ Stopped in Franklin and went to their open house. They had so much food. Sausage/cheese balls, pimento cheese and crackers/cider/ wraps, you get it!! Delish!!It was a fun day but I am exhausted and ate too Much!!I am going to bed early with my new books. As I reflect on my Thansgivings I have so much to be Thankful for!God pulled us through this year.Having Faith like a child is what is required of us and when you do this, miracles happen.I am a testamnet to this. I am so Thankful for the Lord, for Lloyd and Tasha and my grandsons. My cats and all my wonderful friends. For the Blessings of God that flow thru our lives every day!!May you have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!God Bless you all


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