Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last pictures

Keeping all this
Loved decorating this mantle
this makes me want to cry!!
sold the desk!!

This huge old basket will be sold

My samplers from bridgette will never be sold!1

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my fave fall sampler from Betty

sold this chair!!
yummy fall apples!!and pears
I am actually selling this cabinet!
I wanted to share the last photo's I took while the house was still in tact! I had to take all my fall decorating down, which sort of depressed me as I really LOVE fall!!But, here they are and hope you enjoy them as much as I have/ Blessings, Candilou


  1. Candi,
    Love It All!
    I always Love seeing your photos of your beautiful decor.
    Such amazing collection of goodies perfectly displayed.
    Have a great Sunday,

  2. Good evening Candi,
    I am a new follower, there are many blogs and I am still finding them. I have read some of your later posts, I am sorry that you are having hard times. We all have them, and I believe that the Lord allows things to help us to help others, it makes us rely on him, which we SHOULD anyhow, but sometimes, we think we can do it better. WRONG! LOL! Honey, I just want to encourage you, hang onto your trust! The verse you quoted, Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not unto thy own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. So true! We don't get it, but he does, he is in control, we are not and we need to learn this.
    The lord has a plan for you and your family, he will supply your needs! I look forward to getting to know you, and I hope that you are having a nice evening. I will be praying for you!