Tuesday, April 26, 2011

midnight decorating!!

Some of my dollies

a sampling of my blue dough bowls

That little book was my Grandmothers BIBLE as a child!!

my desk from 1800's

It never fails when I purchase a new large prim piece I have to change the entire rooms. HA!! Crazy it seems but tis so!! I bought an early blue desk from the 1800's that my friend Becky had. OOh , it is a cool piece and I have still not got it where I love it!! I had moved tables around that day and they did not suit me either so after lloyd went to bed around midnight I was moving furniture and rearranging tables!! Next morming Honey bear says to me, yes I know you were moving furniture I heard you at the top of the stairs!!! WEll, I replied. haha For some innane reason I love redecorating at night. Changing tables and prims. Then the next morning it all looks so good. Or you don't like it at all and totally rearrange it all!! I have a dear friend named Etoy and she waits till her husband goes to bed and takes his hearing aid out then she drags out the hammer and nails!! Woohoo we laugh at her all the time as she is hilarious. She is in her late 70's and spry as can be!! We all love her!We are all called the Nashville bunch. It consists of me, Mattie Aldridge, Kim Patterson, Vicki Davis, Jan Smith and Wanda Holleman, and Etoy Neal. The GODFATHER!! She IS the Nashville bunch. The GRANDE Dame!!I will tell more of the Nashville Bunch if you are interested. Just had to share my passion for midnight decoarting!!Hugs and prim Blessings,



  1. I would love to hear more about your Nashville Bunch Candi ~ sounds a lot like me, moving furniture all the time ! Hubby is always tripping over things everytime he comes home, he knows that things are never in the same spot very long !! Love your house, it always looks great & I love to see how you always rearrange it !!

  2. Gorgeous!
    I love everything.
    I miss midnight decorating.
    My hubby works days, so he goes to bed early.
    And now most of the time so do I.
    So my late night decorating seems to be a thing of the past, at least for right now.
    Thanks for sharing these photos of your wonderful home.

  3. Ha, Ha, Ha!! I used to do the very same thing Candi. Now if I am going to be up late, I sit and read or play on the computer!

  4. You crazy girl!! I know you will keep moving things around until you find that perfect spot for the desk! LOL

    Have a safe day!