Monday, March 28, 2011


octagon House

Ducks at McClards antiques
Today was absolutely a beautiful early spring day. I set sail for Kentucky to visit my friend and her antique store and found some treasures along the way. Imagine that!!It was a fun relaxing day.I got a fabulous candle, evening mocha as I love the smell of coffee.I also found a couple of battery operated candles, a long candle stick made of iron to hang over a chair.Some blue ck table mats and a fabulous throw. Also a candle holder that plugs in that is really cool. I left the store and hit Subway for a turkey,lettuce, tomatoe and black olive sandwich, Oh and also cucumber. After lunch I went to a few junk stores and decided to drive back thriugh Franklin and take some pictures of the Octagon House.It is such a cool place and has sooo much History , which I love!Please google it. It is the one in Franklin Ky and known to be one of the 8 most haunted places in the world!You do get a creepy feeling being there. I am sure many confederate soldiers died there in the 1800's. Well after my walking tour there I had to clothes shop for some spring things and for my usual iced coffee @ Starbucks. By the time I got to Nashville I picked Lloyd up and we went for Chinese takeout and headed home. Still have not unpacked my treasures as I am too tired. It was a great way to start off my Birthday week. LOL . Prim Blessings



  1. Absolutely wonderful photos! What an architectural beauty the octagon home is! Looks like you had a great trip, can't wait to see your treasures!

  2. Thanks ever so much Donna!!I love driving thru there.

  3. what a great way to start you birthday...♥..have a great week..X