Saturday, October 23, 2010

One week and one day till Halloween

I can not believe it is almost Halloween and I am still buying gourds and pics!!!LOL I do this every year!!I know it's crazy as I will be taking it all down Halloween night and preparing for Christmas!!Never ending this time of year but I love it!! Halloween day I light all my pumpkins. I make the Halloween Casserole every year following a tradition my parents made. I will post the recipe later. I may be 55 yrs young :) but I still enjoy Halloween. I still watch Charlie Brown's great pumpkin only now w/ my grandsons!!LOL I was thinking today when I was zipping down Interstate 40 listening to Led Zeplin cranked up, at what point do I give this all up!!LOL I mean my rock music and driving fast!!Although in Nashville if you don't drive fast you will get ran over!!LOL Anyway, Halloween can be fun and I love the decorating for fall. Soon it will be over and I will be trying to figure out where I can put a Christmas tree!!LOL I am tired so I will say good night and enjoy your last week before Halloween!!



  1. aww Candi your love of Halloween is shared by many Im sure...I love it as well
    it may be the cornstalks blowing in a fall breeze, it might be the whimsical grins on witches , it could be the many funky pumpkins we gather, it could be the hot mulled cider simmering on the stove........its the sights, sounds and smells of Halloween, it brings out the kid in us all!

  2. I'm not big on Halloween decorating but I go all out for fall, I do some Halloween. Love the berries-- beautiful fall colors! The bucket of pumpkins is very cute too... I just love all the colors.

    I can just seeing you zipping down the interstate singing away, lol! My thought would be... there goes one very happy lady! =]