Monday, October 18, 2010

Smokey's getaway!!






We had the best time in the mountains this weekend. It was an all girls (w grandsons) weekend. My daughter Tasha and I took Joseph and Nicholas to the mountains for the weekend. It was wonderful to get away with them. Soon as we hit Pigeon Forge Nick said I am soooo escited and Joe said I cited too!!It was adorable watching their little faces light up. Tasha took Nick on a helicopter ride and rode the go carts. We did lots of shopping and ate out. We were tourists and hit all the sovenier shops and I even found 2 really great prim shops. So that made my day also!!:)Bought an old prim looking bear and a candle holder. At the Amish place found a beautiful crock. Will post these tomorrow. We went to the aqaurium and walked through Gatlinburg. My Husband's sister Lisa and her husband David own an 8 bedroom cabin there high in the mountains and we stayed there. I have 6 sister in laws and they were all there. Also, my nephew Josh's wife Steohanie was there with her baby's. We were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and the view was amazing. I pulled my curtians back and all you could see was mountains! The girls are all very close and accomplished women. Judy owns a beauty salon. Kim is retired but works a pt job at home. Lisa is a pediactric nurse. Tina is a nurse but also school teacher and she is currently teaching.Tracy is a radiologist.Vicki prepares taxes for businesses. They all have great jobs and are a close knot family. They are accomplished cooks and read tons of books. I looked around and saw Stephanie reading to Addison, Judy holding the baby, My grandsons playing, Some of the girls sipping wine or margherita's and reading. It was such a sweet site.Several of us watched a sappy chick flick and the other half were in the hot tub after the kids were asleep. The cabin is 3 stories and we all had our own bedrooms as the cabin sleeps about 40 I think. All in all it was wonderful to wake up to coffee made by Tasha and Vickie and Judy cooking up homemade pancakes with sausage crumbled up. It was lots of fun and can't wait till lloyd and I go back because we have always vacationed there. So, now I am home and have tons to do. Blessings to all.


  1. Oh Candi, Im sooooo Jealous right now!! ;)
    I wanna go to Gatlinburg soooo bad.
    Hubby and I are going to try to make it down in Nov., but I wanna go NOW!! :)

    Love that last photo, so adorable!!

    Take Care,

  2. I'm so jealous!! LOL I love the Smoky Mountains. They are my favorite place to visit in the US. So peaceful. Love the pictures. You can tell everyone was having a great time. Glad you made back safely.

  3. OH WOW!! First, I love Gatlinburg! Second, how awesome for you!!!! Sounds like a beautiful time (both in scenery and in relationships) was had by all. That is so wonderful! It warms my heart to hear this story because there are so many families all over this world that bicker and fight. I'm fortunate enough to come from a close knit family also. We all love to get together all the time and always have so much fun! I just wish all families could be like this. Now if I could just get my dad to buy a huge cabin in the mountains... hehe!

    Glad you, your daughter, and grandsons were able to go and enjoy it. Also glad you found a couple of prim shops because we all know that's the most important thing. =]