Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Early mornings

love this little guy I named Max.

This great crock from Amish country. Candle holder and candle from Prim shop.

I just love the early mornings.So peaceful and quiet. I couldn't sleep so I decided to head downstairs and make a pot of coffee. Smells and tastes so good on this crisp fall day!I wanted to post my finds from the mountains. I have to clean today as I was lazy yesterday. Who knows I may redecorate!LOL. There is always something to do in a prim home. I like to have my house cleaned and groceries bought by Thursday as yard sales start then. Ususally those are the best days to find deals. My garage is full of stuff I am selling soon so I have got to get busy on that before long.But for now I will savor the morning and decide if I want waffles or oats for breakfast.Have a blessed and happy day!


  1. Ah, I remember the full garage.....
    Now I can actually get my car in there, but today we are headed for Menard's to get supplies for an insulating project.
    Will you be having a garage sale or an on-line sale?

  2. Both Linda!!! I have so much junk accumulated out there and I am ready to get rid of it. Watch for posts!!Anything special you like?

  3. Max is a cutie! I love old teddy bears. That is a neat crock from Amish Country!

    I wish I could get up and love the mornings but I am just too much of a night person. I presume it's because I've had kids around this home for 15 years and my "me" time has always been when they go to bed. So then I end up staying up late.