Monday, October 25, 2010

Early Mornings

I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and had terrible indigestion so went downstairs for some remedy and feel better.I hate nights when I can't sleep as I know tomorrow will be tough. A lot of you know I suffer from SLE. Systemic lupus Erythmotosis. It is a horrible disease. painful and hard to treat. there is no cure. I go in and out of remission. I also have fibromyalgia and it's not fun either.You stay pumped up with drugs to make it through the days. It is hard I won't lie. I consider myself blessed as I could have it so much worse like some of my Fb friends. Face book has been great for me and I like to write. I have met wonderful talented ladies and a few nuts along the way. LOL It humbles me. I will say that. I love being a prim decorator and buying/selling as these help keep my mind off my illness. My husband is a trucker and works crazy hours so I need something to keep me busy. LOL Living in a 2 story house w/ 3 cats and a husband and a house full of primitives is quite the antidote.Not to make light because I suffer. I don't broadcast it but I do. I like to surround myself with things I love. My grandchildren. My cats. My dough bowls, buckets and on and on. It helps having a VICE, I call it.Good grief, it is now 4:30 A>M>Good night.



  1. I'm very sorry for your illness Candi. I understand what you mean about surrounding yourself with things you love. THings that make you smile and things that make you feel good... even when you don't. I live with Crohns disease and it's a very painful, miserable existance sometimes. But even when it sucks... I always have a kitty on a lap to make me smile. I wish you the best. ♥

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Thanks Carmen. I have a very close friend w/ that so I know how you suffer. Aren't cats the best? Love to you!!

  3. Oh I can so relate to your post! My reflux has been awful the past couple of days,and I am so tired this morning from being awake last night. I have fibro too, but I don't take anything, but over the counter stuff. I have a hair salon and it kills me. I compelely relate to suffering, I do everyday, and make sure to look around everyday at what I am blessed with in my life, and that some have it so much worse. I think I finally overused my microwaveable heating pad last night, I melted it!!! lol
    Cat's rule! We have 5 and 2 dogs. I am so lucky they let me live in this wonderful prim house!! haha Have a great day! hugs!

  4. LOL Thanks Jill for your comment! I don't take anything for fibro except muscle relaxers. I know what you mean about the heating pad. Burnt mine up as well!!LOL Love to you!!

  5. Candi, sorry you are in so much pain....
    glad you try to stay busy....that helps. You have beautiful G'kids,beautiful home.
    Happy Fall!

  6. So sorry you suffer so much Candi girl! I see you on facebook a lot and you are always so stinkin' cheery! =] I think that says a lot about your personality! You definitely have a good way of pushing the pain and hurt away as you talk about prims. I don't comment hardly at all because I'm trying not to get too addicted to it, but I always love to see what you have to say for the day. It is always positive and upbeat and lifts my spirits! For that, I thank you!