Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day!!

I wish all my PRIM PALS a Happy Mother's Day!!I wish I could say I feel great and have a lot planned but I don't and I'm glad because I am not up to it!! We have been so busy the past few days and I need to rest. My Lupus flares if I don't get addequete rest. That does not mean I will though!!HA MY Grandson Nick is here and we took Lloyd to work and stopped for breakfast. I have to take him home shortly and I will grab a coffee at Starbux and some lunch. I did find some great deals yesterday at Yard sales. A beautiful antique Rocker and an old dough bowl. Plus a country/prim book in hardback!!Arnetts country store had an on line sale and I bought an old looking sheep on wheels and an antique iron stand w/ prim bonnet in homespun green check. Also an Arnettes bear holding an American/prim flag!!These were Mother's Day gifts, plus LLoyd got me a beautiful hanging basket and Tash and the boys got me a birdfeeder for my precious birds!!I LOVE it all!! My family spoils me!! Especially my husband. Have a prim day full of Blessings!!!

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