Monday, May 3, 2010


Well, I never thought I would see anything like this as it is pretty sureal!!We have floods, devastation, folks without homes, water shortage, and on and on. On a personal note our home was not affected(THANK YOU LORD)My husbands truck was parked at his office and is now under water as is his office. He is a trucker and in Texas.It was his pick up. My daughter has no water and her kitchen flooded, My friends: Martha's basement flooded; Matties's home, yard and truck flooded; Kim's kitchen flooded; Vicki's roof fell in her bedroom. These are just a few that I am personaly close to. It is sureal here. I was a little worried I might be evacuated last night but (THANK YOU JESUS) did not have to and was able to sleep in my warm bed with electricity and water. God provided!!I am going to see what I can to volunteer later on. We have to conserve water here also. I am going to clean my house and go on with my day as there is nothing else I can do at this point. Blessings to you all and have a wonderful day!!


  1. Thank God you are alright Candi ~ my heart goes out to the others !! xoxo

  2. Thanking God that you are okay, sorry to see your friends going thru this. Hard to believe that water can be so destructive. Take care Candi. I'll pray for your friends.

  3. Thanks so much and I love and appreciate you!!