Sunday, May 13, 2012

spoiling myself!!

Ok I admit it!! I spoil myself!!Why not? You live but once/Why deny yourself of the delicacy's of life!!So being Mother's day should it be any different? I am blessed. I have a beautiful sweet daughter and 2 precious Grandson's/ A Husband that adores me and my cats think I am the best Mom ever!!HEEHEE/ I TREATED myself last week to this new coverlet for out bed. I absolutely love it and had been looking for a while for one this size~~Lloyd got me this beautiful sampler from my dear friend Bridgett Swindell!! Went to breakfast with Lloyd, Tasha and the boys!! So good and even got free fudge cake~~I have a new night gown to put on after my bath and watch the Finale on Desperate Housewives!! I LOVE  my gown and sweet photo of my boys!! How special this is~~I miss my dear Mom on Mother's day!! I spoiled her too ~~I just know she is celebrating having her son. my sweet brother Rusty with her now~~So Happy Mother's day dear friends!Don't deny yourself  of life's little pleasures. If you want a cup of ice cream eat it!!If you want new pillows buy them/Love life for it does not last forever. xoxoox



  1. Happy Mothers Day! The coverlet looks great and love the photo of your grandsons, too cute!

  2. Beautiful coverlet. I have been thinking about getting a red and linen one. You are right, life is short, enjoy it.

  3. Hi Candie, so glad you spoiled yourself,love the coverlet, beautiful. I watched the last Desperate Housewifes to, will surely miss my Sunday nights with the girls. Blessings Francine.