Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!!

love this little nook/My Grandmother's Bible resides there!!

my relaxing spot!!

my crock display

It has been a while since I have blogged/With Christmas and all the hustle and bustle now gone I feel a sence of relief!Even though I love Christmas I am glad to get this newplace back to my prim style!With all the Christmas neatly packed away I was able to bring out some pottery and pewter I had stored away/With the new place now bein here going on 3 months I have turned it into a primitive comfy home. Lloyd and I both love it and the cats have adjusted nicely.I am always changing things around. I have simplified my look by purging/I don't want the over done rooms and full walls but a simple pallet/Where we can relax and enjoy our new place/ I wanted to share a few photo's/ It may change tomorrow/ Maybe even today!!Prim hugs.



  1. Hi Candi,
    You sure have done a wonderful job.
    Everything looks amazing.
    I always love seeing your photos.

  2. Your new place has a great flowing openness. You have placed beautiful prim treasures in such perfect ways. I am like you when it comes to (it could change before the day is over) tweaking! Blessings & best wishes to you & yours this 2012.

  3. candi, you are killing me, your house looks so wonderful, that everything you purge, I snatch up hoping I can get my house as great as you!
    The townhouse, looks cozy, warm & inviting, and suits your personality, atleast the person I know!
    Keep on posting pics, and I love changing things, probably daily, and am constantly teased about it, but hey, work it if it works you!

  4. You all are so so sweet!!Thank you for the kind comments!!