Sunday, January 29, 2012

Crock addict!!

This is an old pic!!

fill them with wooden spoons

love Rowe pottery

That's right!!I admit it!!I am a bonafide Crockaholic!!I love them small/I love them tall/I really really love them all!!Now, I have Dr. Seuss moment out of the way/I tried to remember my first crock. I really can not remember. I think it started out as a pottery obsession/ Moving on to crocks with numbers. then salt glaze and on and on. I have bought and sold tons over the years. Their is just something about a crock that makes a primitive home smile!!So I posted some pics of my crazy obsession!!Are you a crockaholic too???HUGS



  1. Wonderful collection Candi! Thanks for sharing! Amy

  2. I can't blame you at all. For you see, I am not ashamed to admit ,that I too a crockaholic ! and if there is help out there for us, then I don't want it ! I love my crocks and you can always have room for more, You have a wonderful collection, Thanks for sharing with us all !

  3. I have a really hard time reading your blog..but I stll love it. I am a crockaholic too ! Can't get enough.
    Great pictures

  4. Hi Candi, I just found a link to your blog on Pinterest and popped over and became a follower. I love all your prims!! I am a crockaholic too!! I am going to take some time and look back through your pics!! So much eye candy!!