Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's getting close

I guess it is safe to say I have overdone it! I did not sleep well last night due to the mind boggling pain I am in from SLE! Systemic Lupus!So painful!I know I have been going and doing because I hate to miss out but sometimes learning to say no is something you must do!Even so I have to pick and chose my battles! With Christmas coming up I feel stressed and that does not help. Having just recently moved and taking up house keeping!!Whew! It is a lot for a well person let alone a sick one. Top that off with a bone infection and you have me!!Today I will try and maintain my sence of normalcy, whatever that is!!I have a list of TO DO's before Christmas!I may lay back down as I am in quite a bit of pain.On the plus side I have gotten a lot done with the condo. It certainly is different than a house but I am really happy here and Lloyd is as well!So off to bed I go!!Maybe I will feel revived an feel like doing something fun later!God bless~


  1. Hi Candi,
    I believe that is a problem with most of us...
    Learning to say no.
    Atleast it is for me. And all I accomplish is to be a stressed out basketcase.
    I hope you were able to lay back down and get some rest.
    Hugs, prayers, and best wishes to you sweetheart!

  2. Get some rest!!! I pray you feel better and can get all you need to do done...hugs!

  3. Beautiful decorating , but for goodness sakes rest up I too struggle with normalcy and pain so hang in there you are not alone . Hugs and prayers for a pain free tomorrow! hugs lilraggedyangie

  4. I am sorry you are in such pain. I hope that you can get some relief. I like your pretties!
    Have a better day!

  5. candi, your condo looks great, and in time it will only look better, remember to take care of that lupus, it is your body telling you to slow down!
    Take care of yourself, HUGS, KIMMY