Saturday, December 3, 2011

Two Rivers Mansion

front porch

These were the goodes for sale/ we left with a fudge cake, fudge and cookies

I particularly loved this pewter set

This is Mrs McGavock and she wa sthe last person to live in the mansion/

nativity scene

downstairs bath/ not sure when it was built

This is John McGavock that built the home. Isn't he handsome??

Look at the stairwell and the original wall paper!!

it was so beautiful this year!!

Look at this plate of cookies/ there were 3 plates full and cider and punch~~

ladies parlor

The original log cabin Two Rivers Mansion

LLoyd and I had a fun day!!We went to Cracker Barrell for breakfast and then grocery shopping. Then we hit the Two Rivers Mansion/ It is awonderful olf mansion built in the 1800's!There is usually home baked goodes in the 1800's house but is currently under renovation and it was inside the front parlor. The original slave quarters was underneath the house and for safety concerns they no longer let you viewthat area/ It is very dark and dreary down there and the tree they used was a sparce primitive tree we all would have loved. I miss that part being open.I go every year and have not missed in 30 years, I just love all the mansions in Nashville. After the mansion we did some Christmas shopping then the boys came over and we baked cookies and I made homemade lasagna for supper. I am off to take a hot bubble bath and watch It's a wonderful Life!! Have agreat evening


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