Thursday, December 1, 2011


last years pics

love the blues

love my crocks!!

It's 3:00 am and here I sit wide awake. Maybe I had too much caffeine.or maybe my mind just can't stop contemplating. Thinking of the year gone by and all that we have been through and how God, in his infinite wisdom, worked out every single detail of our lives/ I try and never look back. Only forawrd. I realize as I approach the aging process, being a baby boomer. I do not feel a bit older and certainly don't act it. LOL!! I do however feel it at times. I brewed a pot of hot coffee to clear my mind of fog yet sleep somehow eludes me. I look around and think howin the morning:) I will chnage things. Right now I took my pain medicine to help the pain I am in and feel a bit groggy. I have sold things I swore I never would and have not missed a single thing. I have lost friends that I thought were friends that misread my writings and took it their own way. All I can say is it is their loss. I am a grown woman and will not succumb to such nonsence. I had enough of that in school and I certainly will not tolerate it as an adult. I speak my mind. Plain and simple. So as I sit here contemplating another cup of coffee or going back to bed I just feel melancholy. These are powerful drugs. It clogs your mind at times and I am not so sure that is a good thing. I do knowthat it helps the elusive pain I am in every day. Lupus Sucks!!It really does/ I could write a book of the pain and suffering of SLE!!BUT, instead I will write of the blessings it has brought me and how God has used this as a witnessing tool in my life. I may not exactly like it but I am privy to it. So let's make the most of what we are given. NOW, Contemplating on going back to bed.



  1. Wonderful pictures. I love your cabinet & pewtwer collection. Nice greens set it off. I hope this finds you feeling better. My heart goes out to you. I have pain from health problems daily & the pain of personal issues due to the hurt of family & spouse. I am finding it hard to just put it all behind and go on. Added hurts keep mounting making it hard to pick up forgive & start a new day. I wish fairy tails came true. Blessings!

  2. Hi Candi - Love your pictures and the blues too - my favorite color. This year has found me in the purge mode, things are things. It is amazing how much stuff I had! I took a lot to consignment and had sales, and am still purging. I recently sold my wonderful big oak china cabinet and bought ---- a pie safe! Some thigns are worth the wait!

    God certainly does work in ways we don't understand.


  3. I like the garland around your pewter cupboard.
    Life has peaks and valleys for all of us but don't let it bring you down.
    Have a cozy evening.

  4. We aren't always going to know why we go through certain trials, but we can be assured that he is with us through it all! He can take something meant for bad and make it good!
    Everyone has trials, we just have to bear them, and know it makes us better people in the end.
    I have enjoyed your blog and I hope that you can get some rest.
    I like your displays!