Friday, June 24, 2011

Trash and treasure

lunch @ corner drug store

Every year about this time in a little town in Tennessee called Cross Plains they have the Trash and Treasure sale/It is a blast and there are literally sales every where you look. Folks come from every where. Tents are pitched and goodes are loaded underneath for sale. You will find anything from Old Buckets, books and home baked goodes and jams& jellies. There will be folks selling hotdogs and snowcones. Churches handing out free ice cold water and booths of homegrown vegetables and fruits for sale. There will be cokes in large old tin wash tubs full of ice and kids riding up and down on bicycles ! Children being pulled in red wagons and old folks on cains walking. Every kind of people and then the people like me looking for that perfect primitive piece!!I actually found lots of things. Got today an early fabric blue book/ hogscaper tin candle holder/a fabulous cinnamon candle. Keepers of the light!A tall old churn/ early egg basket/ English pewter tea pot/and an old prim box!!So much fun and found a great Antiques shop based in an old barn!!Can I hear an Amen!!So have had a fab weekend thus far. Hope yours is great as well/!!




  1. Wow sounds like my kind of day , looks like good stuff too ! glad you had a good time ! Enjoy your weekend! hugs
    lil raggedy angie

  2. Where is Cross Plains? I live near Knoxville. Love your goodies and that looks like a fun way to spend a day!