Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give me a BREAK!

Another of Bridgett's samplers
Stool by judy Bailey Early works Primitives!!

My butter churn find!!


Lately, my life has been crazy. With Lloyd having pneumonia, me having flares from fibro and Lupus and my brother Rick being so sick it has indeed been crazy.With all that I decided last week that I needed a break!!LOl So, I headed up to the little town of Springfield Tenn. It's about 30 miles from Nashville give or take. There is an Antique Store there that is 2 huge floors full of Prims,Antiques and just about anything you would want. I took my time and searched the 2 floors for something I couldn't live without!!!!LOL I ended up with a very old 1800's butter churn and a tin cup as I collect tinware. After that I was headed for lunch and stopped for a burger and fries plus diet coke. Then I spotted a JUNK store and thought why not and went in. THERE I found a fabulous old prim wooden chair that I had to have.LOL.So, that being said I had my fix and went to Panera at Rivergate where I met my good friend Bridgette Swindell and I had bought one of her samplers. That was the perfect end right there. I have several of her samplers and she does exquisite work. So stopped at Starbucks and headed home to decorate!!Prim Blessings.



  1. I had such a hard time reading the red print on the gray background. Really hurt my eyes.
    Love that butter churn. and the samplers are awesome. Your pictures are always enjoyable.

  2. I love your new sampler. Bridgett does wonderful work. Lucky you!

  3. Samplers are wonderful! I love a trip to the antique mall.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  4. Thanks ladies and I agree I oould barely read it either!!Sorry about that!!!