Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010



I am really glad to see 2010 behind me. It was not the best of years. We lost a lot of money with the economy. My favorite pet I ever had in my life Abby passed. One of my dear sweet friends Faye passed away suddenly. Another friend Gayle gone. Both my age. My nerves were shot and I almost had a nervous breakdown. There, I said it. It was a sad year for me. But, I made it. We made it another year. Fairly good health. Family good. What right have I to complain?? I don't!!!Suck it up and be thankful that I have the use of my eyes,ears, hands and feet etc. You see, I know that there are no perfect years. Perfect life or perfect anything. If you think there is you are setting yourself up for a big disappointment!!I know I know. I always seem peppy and full of life and you know what? I am. That is me. Very rarely am I grumpy or in a bad mood unless some one ruffles my feathers. Ha ha !!!There you go!!I am making no NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS that I will not keep a day!!I will live my life to the fullest. Embrace the moments of childhood by living through my grandsons. Swing in swings and climb monkey bars. God willing!!If I want pizza I shall eat it. If I want ice cream I will eat it. I am getting too old to berate myself of the things in life that I enjoy. I used to count every single calorie and fat gram and yes I looked good!. I still do for a 55 yr old. I am not 30 anymore my daughter is. I will love and help people and all animals I can. I will be a good wife and Mother and an even better Nana!!SMILE!!!I will spend more quality time with my loved ones. I will own up to that. I used to visit my friends Martha and Frank a lot and lately I have gotten behind in my visits. They are getting older and in their seventies and I adore them and want to help them as much as I can. But I am not committing to anything that I know will make me miserable. I will take my days one at a time and not rush!!Thank you God for allowing me this day. For always being my Saviour and for giving me peace and hope. Because without that, we are nothing. Blessings and Love and Hope for you all in the coming year!!


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  1. So beautifully said Candi girl! Just beautiful. Sorry you had a rough year but thankful that God has given you the peace and hope to move on and live each day to the fullest! I just love stopping by your blog for a visit. Thank you for always being you. I can see your smile with every post you write because you ARE full of life. =]