Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Memory

One of my very favorite Christmas memories as a child was when Mom, Daddy, Rick and I lived on a ridge in the Tennessee mountains.High on that hill that Christmas Eve Daddy was reading the Night before Christmas to us when through all the twinkling stars in the sky we saw a light !Daddy convinced us that it was Santa's sleigh!!You see, he made us see the magic in Christmas!We believed that we saw Santa's sleigh that night!!Even though after we went to sleep I woke up thirsty and went to get water and opened Mom and Dad's door just as they were taking out a little high chair and stroller and new dollie.It's funny how things like that stay with us all our lives. Merry Christmas everbody!!!



  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS CANDI!!!..Yes, it is amazing the sweet Christmas memories we remember...One of many gifts God gives to us...BIG HUGS!!~~Jen

  2. Yes Candi, I agree with Jen... I think the wonderful memories we hold dear to us is a gift of God so we never forget the precious people He places in our lives! That is such a cute story, by the way!