Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 4th

1800'S HOUSE


So many things to do but wanted to stay relatively close to home so I went to the little historic town of Lebanon Tenn to my friend Jackie's open house at the Lebanon Antique Mall!!So many wonderful things !!I did find a darling little wooden wagon I placed in front of the tree. Also a jar of raspberry/jalapeno spread for Christmas Eve. After that I picked up my Grandson Nick and we went to the Two Rivers Mansion. A historic mansion that was built in the 1800's and is still beautiful in all it's grandeur!!Across the way is the 1800's house where the McGavock's first lived while building the mansion. I love that old place but particularly the 1800's house. The slave quarters is underneath the house and is no longer open for tours. The 1800's house had amazing crocks, rockers and pewter. It also had tables set up full of homemade cakes,pies, cookies and candy for sale to help support the preservation of the Historical property.I bought a tub of homemade fudge complete with a ribbon and greenery and Nick picked out a dozen candy cane cupcakes for his family. Inside the mansion the parlor was set up with hot and cold cider, and plates of delicious homebaked cookies. We had a great time and afier that took a nap and later McDonalds. Naturally. A fun day with my Grandson.Blessings



  1. Candi, that does sound like a blessed day! I also love the 1800's house, actually better than the mansion. Your grandson is so adorable, looks like he's pretty proud of the cupcakes he picked out. I want to be a grandma just like you when I have grandkids!

  2. AWW Thank you Angie!!It is so much fun to spoil them and I love teaching Nick, who is 5 about History. We live across the street from the Hermitage. home of Andrew Jackson the 7th US President and he really likes hearing about the history there.He loves spending time w/ me so we do fun things like that!!I too prefer the 1800's to the mansion!!:)

  3. You live ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE HERMITAGE?!?!?! Oh WOW! That is so awesome! How fun to say... "Yeah, I'm neighbors with the Hermitage".. that is so awesome!!