Saturday, July 14, 2012

Rainy days

I am ever so thankful for this rain~~ We have needed it a while now/  I went and had my iron treatment /infusion at the hospital. It wasn't near as bad as I had dreaded. I had 4 different IV bags of different meds/ The nurse brought me warm blankets and a cozy pillow/ I had crackers and diet coke and slept thru most of it!! Talked to the other patients and read my Prim books.

The official word from the nurse was that my tests came back normal~~~ PRAISE~~~ I see the oncologist Monday for affirmation and to see what all I will need. Glad that is over~~
Having nausea and headaches as after effects but I can live with that.

In other news~~~ My sweet friend Wilma Gilbert had her annual Or hard Sale in Cave City Ky. NEVER, I repeat NEVER go alone and without a GPS~~~ I got so lost/ It freaked me out a little because I never get lost.

I saw lots of great prim shops and antique stores so will have to go back but I will take a friend or LLoyd !! LOL

Wilma' place is like living in another world to me. There were barns. wildflowers, old rustic farm equipment and flowers everywhere. What a cool place. I did not take pictures there as I was so frazzled and it was getting late and drizzling rain. Here are a few treasures I found~~

I enjoyed my visit with Miss Wilma and will definitely go back!! She had only the finest of treasures. Old primitive wood pieces, crocks, coverlets, Quilts, cabinets. Way too much to list!!

As I was leaving some friends came up carrying a breakfast cake for Wilma~ So, that is how it goes in the country!!LOL

This city gal hit the Interstate and never stopped till I got to my exit!!I went thru some powerful storms and rain and one point could not see the road but I hit it!!

So, that is how it has been the last few days. Hope you all are well my friends.

Prim Blessings,  Candi


  1. Candi, Im so glad infusion went well and hope you are feeling better soon ! :0) Love your new goodies next time you go see Wilma come get me Ill go with ya:0) Have a great weekend sweetie ! hugs lil raggedy angie

  2. Glad your tests came back normal, yay! Love the picture of the cabin!

  3. Hi Candi,
    Saying a prayer for you today. Thanks for the update. Enjoy your week.