Friday, July 20, 2012

My day in Franklin

Well I am on a dose pak again!!Antibiotics again! It made me feel a little better but I have had a wicked headache a while now!!He says I have a bacterial infection. I have been sick this whole summer!! I am really bummed about that/ So, today I earmarked an estate ale and decided I would head to Granny White Pike in Brentwood!!Found some old books and that was it. Everything was sky high!!

So, I decided to just keep going and do some shopping in Franklin Tenn.If you have never been I highly recommend it!! It is so charming and historical. Takes me about half hours drive. They have some of my fave antique stores as well. Especially the Franklin antique mall!!
Today I noticed a place right across the street from FAM. It is called Arbour antiques!!5,000 sq ft!!of Prims and antiques~~What more could you ask!

I really liked it and already plan to go back!! SOON!!! I really loved this prim blue cabinet and it was only $45~~~ You can't beat that!! No, I did Not buy it as my taste are leaning towards colonial more than the xtreme Prims~~
I found this great old prim trey made of early wood  and this great Simple life book that I plan to read soon. After all that shopping I hit the local Zaxby's for a chicken salad sandwich and headed back to Nashville. It was a fun busy day and I almost felt like my old self sans the headache!!

Getting late and my clean sheets are in the dryer so must put them on the bed!! God bless you all and have a wonderful weekend!!



  1. Hello Candilou, thats terrible about your headache, hope your feeling better. Fun antiqueing, love the blue cupboard, the wood tray is really nice to. Ahhh, clean sheets on the bed, wonderful, Blessings Francine.

  2. So sorry you are not feeling well but looks like a wonderful day to spend. I would be very happy roaming around in those malls.
    Love the bench on your sidebar with the quilt and bear!