Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Grandparents Day!!

I remember my Granparents and miss them so much. Oscar and Edith. They were so sweet.Grandaddy was a big tall man and Grandmother was tiny. They had a sweet little yellow house with a fence and roses and azalia's and hydranga's everwhere. Man, i loved going there. It was my home away from home and I would lot's of times head to Chattanooga for the weekends to spend with them. Grandaddy always had a garden. he was so proud of it, He grew tomatoes. green peppers, cucumbers, and green onions. I loved spending time learning about gardening and flowers. grandmother was an awesome cook. She always had a square tupper ware bowl filled with chocolate and vanilla fudge cookies and coconut cookies. always had a lemon pound cake and a pot of freshly brewed coffee. My Granddady drank his from a saucer. Using both cup and saucer.I remember watching TV at night with them and Grandaddy always had to have a cup of black walnut ice cream by Mayfields, which My family owned the dairy business. What great memories. I always slept so good there and Grandmother's quilt now resides in my house. my grandmother was a hoot. She had skin soft as a baby and smelled like jergens lotion. Grandaddy was gruff amd always smelled likesnuff as he was a dipper and chawed tobacca/Howthey would say it. cracker barrel has nothing on her biscuits and her cakes/ I was lucky. Now, Lloyd and I are a huge part of the boys lives but we are more modern. LOL/ I don't bake biscuits from scratch or cookies but it thrills the boys when I bake Nestle's Toll House already sliced cookies!!If they had them back then Grandmother would surely have used them/I am having the time of my life being a Nana!!So all you Grandparents out there, Happy Grandparent's day!!!


Tash and nicK rode the Mighty Mouse!!

Lloyd was not feeling well so Tasha and I took the boys to the State Fair!!Had a blast!

Boppa and Joseph!!

Nicholas Frank!!

Tis so sweet to be a Grandparent. You get to relive pieces of your own childhood.

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  1. I bet you had tons of fun with your grands at the fair. My grandsons live with us and we love it we wouldnt have it any other way i love your blog read it all the time smiles...