Thursday, February 24, 2011

The simplicities of life!

I am amazed at how life is sometimes. We get caught up in our world and sometmes get lost in it. I love to sit back and watch my grandsons age 2 and 5. I get tickled at the things they say and the way they play with their little toys.My heart swells watching them. Life to them is cookies and milk. Spongebob Squarepants and ABC's~I like to sit in the floor with my cats and observe their world. All they want is a bowl of food, fresh ice water and a warm place to nap. Toys and hugs. Grandsons and cats. I like to sit in the grass outside and observe the birds. I love to watch them fly and listen to them sing. Putting yourself in another's world is good for all of us. It makes us see the simplicity's of life. My world is sometimes good sometimes not. Stress and being sick every day makes you do things like this. I have no reason to complain/I live in a beautiful house and I have $$ in my pocket. I am spoiled by my husband and loved by many. If I had a complaint it would be WHY?? I want to feel good and not be sick but I dare not go there. As long as I can go, do and be then I am ok. I can clean my own house in my own time. I can drive to Starbucks and hit Target. I have a very lovely life and I will never complain. As long as I have Grandsons, birds and cats!!LOL. I challenge you today. Put yourself in another's world. You may learn something. It takes you back. The smell of crayons, the fresh grass underneath your toes. The lovely feel of a flower in your hand. This is life. And the things therein.Have a blessed day!


  1. Thank you for the inspirational words today Candi! A nice pick me up!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Love your blog Candi! :) Its so uplifting. :)

    Jackie aka CA Prim Lover ♥

  3. Beautiful post Candi...we all need to slow down once in awhile and just be..

  4. TY everyone that makes me feel good!!