Thursday, February 10, 2011

Enjoying Life

felt bad here. I see it in my eyes!!

I know that I am the eternal optimist. I am very happy with my life even though I struggle every day/For those of you that don't know me, I have SLE*LUPUS), Fibromyalgia, sjogrens and raynauds. Google them. This is what I deal with on a daily basis. I was diagnosed in 1995 but had symptoms for years. It takes all I have to maneuver around some days. Everyone thinks I go a lot but I really don't. Lupus causes severe pain. Widespread. Memory loss. fevers of unknown origins. Constant infections. fatigue.I could go on and on. It is called the wolf, because it eats away at your life. devouring every thing you have. I sometimes wonder why I was stricken with this disease. I never question it. I just figured God saw that I could handle it and he allowed me too live with it. I never make plans because they get cancelled. You feel ok one min and the next minute the pain is so bad you can hardly bare it. It helps me to keep busy and walk around as I get stiff sitting. The only thing that helps is complete bed rest. I can't do that. I won't spend my days in bed. I want to live. I want to play with my Grandsons. I want to kiss my husband.I want to hug my cats and feed the birds. I want to love and help homeless,unloved animals. I want to share God's love. What it does for me. Being a christian allows me to not worry so much. To live and be happy. To smile at everyone I see and I do.Even if I am racked with pain.I don't mean to slight my friends. I just can not keep up with everyone. So if you have not heard from me in a while just throw me a line.does not mean I don't care. Simply means I have a bad memory/I love and cherich my friends. I am not perfect. I am a human being with lots of health problems/But I am a christian. If you want to know how to become one please message me.I pray a blessing on you all. Read John 3:16/ I claim this verse to get me through life. PRIM BLESSINGS, CANDI


  1. You go girl...I'm with you when it comes to staying active even when it is the hardest thing I do some days.
    May you collect many warm memories with your adorable Gread Babies.


  2. TY Tanya for the sweet comment!!

  3. I have a friend with lupus so I am familiar with the problems associated with it. She has flare-ups and suffers daily. She works very hard to maintain her positive attitude. I know how hard it is on the whole family.
    Enjoy every moment of every day! Find something positive in everything that happens because it happens for a reason.
    Warm hugs and happy blessings,

  4. So sorry you are having to deal with that dreadful disease but I think you hit the nail on the head Candi... God knows that you are strong and loving and can deal with it. What an awesome attitude you have! You are an inspiration, girl!!