Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A work in Progress!!

Working on mantle!!

As the Christmas season approaches I decided to go ahead and start decorating and also do some PURGING while I am at it!!!I have way too much Christmas and wanted to downsize a little and not be so stressed about it every year. So I have taken things out one by one and am selling and decorating along the way!!You should see the mess I have made!!LOL So I just wanted to share what I have done thus far!!Doesn't look like much but it will get there.
Prim Blesings,


  1. I see that quite a few bloggers are anxious to do Christmas. I prefer to wait until after Thanksgiving.
    I did the purging thing last year. All I kept were mini trees and table-top/wall decor. My daughter loved getting all her childhood memories in her own home. Now her Christmas present every year is those antique glass balls and several hundred Hallmark ornaments, not to forget that 9' tree and lights! lol

  2. Haha, making the mess is what's so fun... it's cleaning it up that's not! Looking good so far Candi! I'm a huge fall lover so I won't get Christmas out until Dec. 1. I love Christmas, but not near as much as I do fall. Looking forward to seeing more! =]