Tuesday, June 11, 2013


As Father's Day approaches I think of the awesome Dad that I had. I miss him. He passed away at age 53 awaiting a heart transplant. We actually had just came in from the funeral and the hospital called and said Get Louis to the hospital!!We have found him a heart!!!WOW!! Really??? A little too late I'm afraid. Needless to say it was devastating. Very devastating!! I cried for weeks and months then turned into years.!!I had to come to the realization that it just was not meant to be. They even told him he might not make it even if they found him a heart.  Back in 1988 it was all brand new. He even made the Tennessean as one of the 13 waiting for a transplant. I carried that burden around for the longest. Being a Christian, I knew that was not right. That death was a part of our integral life and that eventually we all would be dealt the same fate. He knew he was dying. We all did. Accepting it was just not part of the program!!

My Dad was not perfect by any means. He had his faults. But, don't we all?? Mom would stand I the kitchen and swallow her MOTHER"S LITTLE HELPER valium when he drove in the driveway!!haha

I don't focus on the negatives. Life is way too short and I am getting older!!I wish I had known Mom and Dad at my age. What fun that would have been. If you are lucky enough to have you Father, please spend time with them. My very last Father's Day I spent with Daddy we went to the Cooker for lunch/ Just me and him. A special bond.

When the window smashed my fingers at school I refused to cry till Daddy got home then the flood waters began.

When I learned to ride a bike it was Daddy that said you can do it and ran with me till I could zoom away. Red pigtails flying!!

When I was sad only Daddy could dry my tears. Only Daddy could hold my hand and make me feel like I was the only person in the world that was so special.

I loved my Dad. Through thick and thin ,

I loved him. And on Father's day I will grieve for him because I miss him. But, I will spend it with all the other Dad's in my world now. My precious Lloyd. My Father in law and son in law.

Make Father's Day special for those you love/

Daddy..Mom.Ricky.me and Rusty

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  1. Oh I hear ya, still miss my Father....great post and love the picture....Blessings Francine.