Sunday, July 17, 2011

Decorating my way!!

When I recently mentioned to a friend that I love colonial decorating she declares well, you can't decorate primitives and colonial!! They don't mix that muslin and fabric things you like!I disgress. It is my house. I will decorate it to MY taste. I like a mixture. Old buckets and lanters. Pewter and coverlets. The fun of decoarting is choosing your own style and making it your own. I change a lot and I sell a lot as I get tired of things. This is why it is so much fun.I love getting ideals from others as well. I really enjoy the different decorating tips from others. So hey don't say you can't mix prims and colonial's.Of course you can.

prim hugs,Candi


  1. Hi Candi,
    ICAM!! Primitives and Colonial mix wonderfully.
    That is how my home is decorated too. A mixture of both!

    I LOVE the way you decorate. And always enjoy your amazing photos and collection.
    Everytime I look at them I DROOL!!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. I agree mix it up with whatever tugs your heart.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Hello i agree you can mix it i do and i love your blog its wonderful you decorate just like me keep it up its all great smiles.....

  4. Yes you can. I do myself. Your style is like mine & I enjoy your wonderful displays. Blessings!

  5. I totally agree with you...I decorate in the same exact style and mix together what I like! Love your pictures.