Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Is it SPRING yet??

Please Mr. Statum do not mention that four letter word again!!Begins with S and ends in W!!SNOW, yes again!!Oh well it is winter and I suppose that is ok. In a few months we will complain of the heat!!!haha!! I don't mind cold weather too much as it is kinder on my Lupus flares than heat for some reason. I have managed to clear out a lot of things and sell them to get my life in order. I just can not stand things to be crazy I need organization. I cleaned out all my kitchen drawers last week and threw out and organized. My Grandson nick so loved the JUNK drawer as he kept his toys and anything else he could find in there and his Nana ruined it!!go figure!!that is funny as I watch the boys when they come over and they look through my fridge, the pantry, the drawers and cabinets. LOL!!!I used to do that at my Grandmothers all the time. She kept a plastic container on top of her fridge with coconut cookies, chocolate and vanilla fudge cookies and always lemon cookies. And Lays chips. I keep oreos and Dorito's (TO name a few) for the boys, Plus all kinds of drinks. Diet sprite, (They are not allowed caffeine)apple juice, OJ, and chocolate milk. So when they come over and things are moved they don't like it too much!!It is funy how I find that I am more like Grandmother all the time. Haha/ I decided since I cleaned all he drawers I needed new dish towels, cloths and pot holders. I love White sales in January as you can get these items for a song!!Now, I don't mind putting dishes away from dishwasher!!Now, Spring please. Maybe by spring I will have the spring cleaning done!!



  1. Candi..............I think I was your 100th follower. Woot woot. lol. Connie

  2. OH WOW!!!!!! Woot Woot is right!!!Love it!!!

  3. Hi Candi - I follow you a lot on FB and your blog too. I'm a blogger as well @ www.bittersweetcountryjunction.blogspot.com. Come by!

  4. I bought new towels today! It just felt like time. I'm doing my cleaning now, too.
    My friend, Marylu, has Lupus. I am not too familiar with it. She tries to keep the bad stuff to herself. I will add you to my prayers!

  5. Sounds like my kitchen and the people of this household, haha! Earlier this month, I took every single thing out of every cabinet and drawer because it was just all over the place. I wiped them out and totally re-arranged. Everyone was confused and not too happy about having to re-learn where everything is now, lol. A lot of work but so worth it now.